Don’t “fall” into the trap of not being prepared!

Fall is here! The kids are back in school, the leaves are changing and the holidays will be here before we know it. The seasons come and go, and seem to do so more quickly as we get older. One thing that never changes is the need to have a proper estate plan! I am amazed every week as I meet more and more people who are not prepared for lifes unexpected events; a sudden illness, an accident, needing some type of assistance with daily activities, having to go to a nursing home or dying without all of your legal affairs in order. Don’t let this happen to you! Plan ahead. Get your estate plan done while you can. It saves your family a lot of time, aggravation and money by having a proper estate plan in place. If you already have done an estate plan, have it reviewed to make sure it is up to date and to ensure it will meet your current wishes. I see outdated estate plans all of the time. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because you created a will or a trust 10 years ago that you are all set. Many people have a false sense of security because they have a trust in place. Unfortunately, most of these trusts do not protect your assets nor do they protect the assets you leave to your children and grandchildren. Don’t leave such important issues to chance. Meet with an Estate Planning Attorney to make sure your wishes are up to date.

As always, I continue to teach my “Estate Planning Essentials” workshops throughout the south shore every couple of weeks or so. Attending a free workshop is a great way to learn about estate planning, protecting your assets and many family issues that affect all families. The dates and times of my upcoming workshops are listed under the Workshops tab, or you can call us at (617) 769-9843.

Elder Law Attorney Rob Romano practices Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning and Asset Protection. An Elder Law attorney has the expertise to counsel seniors and their families on how best to plan ahead, with a primary emphasis on promoting the highest quality of life for individuals.