The Romano Process

Step 1 – The Workshop
Education is essential to make informed decisions. In our two hour workshop, you will learn important and useful information that is critical to your family’s future. The two hours fly by!

Step 2 – The Vision
complimentary review and assessment meeting to not only review and assess your current documents, but to get a vision of what you want in your estate plan. This one hour appointment will give you the opportunity to discuss your family’s unique situation.

Step 3 – The Design
If you want a life of certainty and not leave things up to chance, we will schedule a Design Meeting. We will tailor an estate plan to incorporate your wishes. This is not a cookie cutter process. Each estate plan we do is a reflection of you and your wishes.

Step 4 – Peace of Mind
At the final meeting, all your documents are reviewed again, signed and notarized. You leave knowing “everything is taken care of.”